REMINDER: If you plan to attend Open gym on MWF or Sunday, you MUST SIGN IN BY 12PM! If there is no one signed in by noon, there is no guarantee a coach will be there to open early.
4 x :08 sec OHS drill
2 x :08 sec OHS HOLD in Bottom Drill

Barbell ONLY -  5 ROUNDS:

Snatch Grip Deadlift  
High Hang Power Snatch  
BTN Snatch Grip Strict Press  
Overhead Squat

7/7/2019 - Snatch Tech Work

5 x 3 Snatch Grip SOTTs Press - Barbell ONLY  

Then work up to a heavy single SNATCH BALANCE

If unable to hold a squat ...
work up to a heavy SNATCH GRIP PUSH PRESS + 1/4 OHS
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2 x 2 7/7/2019 - Snatch Lift

3 @ 65%
3 @ 75%
2 x 2 @ 80%
Stick to POWER Snatches if unable to SQUAT but keep reps and % the same.  
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7/7/2019 - C&J Tech Work

FRONT RACK Wrist/Elbow stretch on rig

2 Hook Grip Front Squats (to parallel or box/wall ball)
2 Front Squats (to parallel or box/wall ball)
2 Strict Press
2 Push Jerk
2 Split Jerk
3 x 5 - Dead Stop Front Squats @ 50% of Clean and Jerk*
*If unable to squat below parallel, then work on Hang Power Clean + Push Press (5 sets @ 65% of 1RM C&J)

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1 x 5 C&J

1 Clean + 2 Split Jerks*
5 sets @ 75% of 1 RM Clean and Jerk
*Power Clean and Split Jerk if unable to squat  
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